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Monday, February 9, 2009

Just How Much is A Trillion Dollars?

If you spent a million dollars every day since the day Jesus was (supposedly) born, you would only spend 3/4 of a trillion dollars. So, expanding on that calculation, it would take roughly 30,000 years to spend the equivalent of the United States' current deficit of over $11 trillion (and counting), if you spent a million dollars every single day.
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Unknown said...

nothing is created and nothing is loss everything changes from one form to another
money is not spent
money is transferred from one pocket to another.
so the government is not spending 10 billion a month they are transferring 10 billion a month.
it is a totally different story.
we still have the 45 trillion dollars.
it is stashed in banks in Dubai and Zurich.

Kelly W. Patterson said...

Money might not be actually spent, but they keep transferring taxes from us to those banks in Dubai and Zurich.

Don said...

Hi Kelly --

I’m a fellow anarchist -- just came across your blog and was wondering if you’d like to cross link with my blog:


Don Emmerich

Kelly W. Patterson said...


Don said...

Thanks so much! I've added a link for EyeAm4Anarchy, too. Look forward to reading more of your writings in the future.

Anok said...

What if I don't wanna leave two cents? What if I wanna leave a trillion dollars? Huh? Whatchya gonna do then? Heh.

It's all imaginary, anyway. Computer based transfers, and the like.

Can you eat it? Build a house with it, or hunt it? No? Then I don't care ;)

Kelly W. Patterson said...

I will track you down and give it back to you two pennies at a time.

It's nice to just think of it as some phantom monopoly money that gets transferred around magically between banks and I think the government would encourage such a view. However, as long as that "deductions" box exists on my paychecks, it matters.

Monkey Wrench said...

Hello again Kelly.

With this bailout package exceeding a trillion dollars (refer to the first bailout by the Bush Administration, before he jetted away to his ranch) I can further support my argument that straight Marx-esque Socialism won't work.

Throwing money at a problem in the hopes that you can fix it doesn't work in any type of economic system we have ever had on earth to date. Take into account that in the US we base our economy on a Capitalist thought-process, and injecting this much straight Socialism will only magnify the problem.

I am a Socialist by nature, viewing all economic problems as eventual Social problems, and vice versa, but this bailout plan seems excessive, and unnecessary. A direct approach could have been applied to the Appalachian families in need, and to the residents of the Chicago and LA ghettos. Instead we see more "jobs" being created so people can waste time in eight hour days and collect a paycheck.

It makes my head hurt.

thanks for the post, you are the man!


Kelly W. Patterson said...

You're very welcome, thanks for the the comment;

Not only do I agree with you that simply throwing money at the problem isn't the solution, I don't believe that these bailouts are going to generate many jobs.

Monkey Wrench said...

Exactly, and to be honest, the jobs that we already have (not to mention the jobs that this stim package hopes to generate) are unnecessary and un-fulfilling to those laboring in them.



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