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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Peter King Actually Said Something Worth Commenting On! (Surprised Me Too)

In the midst of Monday Morning Quarterback, Peter King's weekly gossip column for Sports Illustrated where he kinda discusses football, he always pauses long enough from name dropping and telling us how great Brett Favre is to update us on how much he suffered while getting paid to fly for free during the week. This week, though, it was something much more substantial than a flight attendant not fluffing his pillow properly:
"What is wrong with this picture?...You can use a regular knife in first class on Continental. For the past -- oh, I don't know -- year or so, I've noticed when my frequent-flying gets me upgraded that they have real knives in first class now. Whatever happened to the edict that the airlines were taking metal knives off airplanes permanently because they didn't want them to possibly be used by terrorists in the future?"

Somebody needs to sit Mr. King down and reassure him of three known facts. First, terrorists never fly first class. Second, people who can afford to fly first class would never cause a disturbance or act violently. Lastly and most importantly, the government knows who the terrorists are. So, relax Peter there's nothing wrong with that picture and there's no reason to bother the good people in first class when the time could be better spent harassing Hooters waitresses in coach.

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Anok said...

Or frisking middle aged women in the airport for not having their ID and tickets in hand while walking through the metal detector. Which is apparently the protocol now in Florida.

I mean, honestly - does anyone believe that a woman with a baby and baby bottle full of milk is going to be a threat? A middle aged women who let her ID go through the machine in her purse?

And they're worried about cutlery in first class? Ha LOL.

Kelly W. Patterson said...

Gotta have your priorities.

Monkey Wrench said...

Hey, it's good to find another comrade. thanks for the add, I'm following you now too.

Keep up with the writing, it's good.


Kelly W. Patterson said...

Thanks alot Wrench,

I really appreciate it.

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