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Monday, April 20, 2009

Scene at the 2009 Las Vegas AIDS Walk

As my second article for, I did a feature story on the 2009 Las Vegas AIDS Walk, which was hosted by (AFAN) and raised over $433,000 (they're still counting) via individual donations and sponsorships. The amount of individual donations set a record for highest ever raised. This was actually the first time I had done the AIDS Walk and I was rather impressed with both the spirit of the people participating and the warm reception from those along the route. The article that I wrote is somewhat of a tribute to that and I really tried to convey the positive experience that it was.

Along the way, I took tons of pictures, so here are some of the highlights from the walk, as well as a few artsy ones I threw in at the end (click for the large versions):

Some of the eight thousand plus people who participated in the AIDS Walk this year. The buildings with all the crazy angles in the background are part of the Wold Market Center, which served as the start/finish point.

The Sin Sity Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence were there to entertain the crowd. A really awesome group that does fundraising for AIDS charities and advocacy for queer rights and safe sex awareness while "striving diligently to keep their sense of humor and never taking themselves so seriously that they forget to have fun."

Pictured here is Mother Loosy Lust Bea Lady.

I'm not sure what these guys were fighting about, but it probably had something to do with too much mead and too few wenches. That usually leads to trouble. They are actually from the Empire of Chivalry and Steel, an organization that promotes the culture and traditions of the Middle Ages through historical re-enactments.

This is a really cool drum group, called the Las Vegas J.A.C.L. Kaminari Taiko, that they had set up along the route.

She is one of the finalists for most intense person in the world.

I got a bit of a kick out of everyone climbing up the Clark County government building. Reportedly, there was one cop who tried to stop people at first, but then gave up after he realized that he would have to spend all day shooing thousands of people away. This is actually toward the end of the walk after most of the people had come down.

Hello Kitty.

Hello Elmo.

Between the height and the freakishly giant hands, I don't know how this guy isn't in the NBA. (I'll be here all week folks.)

This is the World Market Center. I just liked the abstract effect all the different colors and angles had when you zoom in real tight on this section of it.

The "Dollhouse" with one of the giant new condo towers being built rising up above it in the background. Due to the current economy, both are pretty much abandoned right now.

The World Market Center parking garage. I liked the abstract effect here too.
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FishStikks said...

You got some great shots here and I especially loved the one of all the people climbing the top of the pyramid (government building)! I'm so sure that had no idea when they built the darn thing that it would be used in such a manner, hehe.

Kelly W. Patterson said...

Yeah, I like that one myself. I too doubt that that was one of the original selling points. From what I understand, they usually have to make a point of telling people not to climb up it whenever there are events scheduled there.

Thanks for stopping by!

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