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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Kovalane: Catch a great Vegas band at the Farm on Fri. Sept. 4th

Just a quick announcement about Kovalane, a local Las Vegas band that I've met recently through the weekly A-Cafes that we've been doing here. Not only are they good guys, but they are a kick ass band and, to complete the trifecta, they are Anarchists. They've even offered to do a benefit for the local Food Not Bombs chapter (of which I am a member). So anybody in Las Vegas should try to come out and support them at their shows and, if you aren't in Vegas, you should watch for when they come to your town.

Just a little about them (quoting from their MySpace page) so you know what to expect:

Kovalane is an eclectic band whose sound remains to be defined. The band is atypical with two lead singers who banter back and forth with songs changing from grunge to rap to moments of punk pop with southern rock undertones.

The band's members are: Randy Soltero, Robert Pesti, Sean Brauer, and Andrew Reynolds.

Kovalane is based in Las Vegas. Their name draws off of the famed Koval Lane where
Tupac Shakur was shot, leading to his untimely death in September of 1996.

Kovalane is a band who doesn’t aspire to be rock stars. They are rock stars. They have the talent, persistence, and approach to easily hold rank among bands like Sherwood. Kovalane is a bouquet of assorted personalities, each with their own disparate music influence. Their individual appetites to perform for those with an acquired taste and high regard for music drives the band as much as appealing to the average blue collar music fan looking for a great band on a Saturday night.
You can get more info as well as hear demos of their music on their MySpace page. I would encourage anybody that likes good music to come out and support a great band that supports the local community and those of us trying to good things within it.
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Don Emmerich said...

Well, given that I'm over here in Denver, I don't think I'll be able to make the show. But it's nice to see you blogging again. Hope you're doing well.

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Kelly W. Patterson said...

Thanks Don,

I'm sure once they hit the big time they will be touring that direction. I should be around more. I've still been pretty active out there in the real world, but I've also been getting busy with art shows and doing photography, which eats up a lot of computer time. Of course, being that my first claim to (minor, very regional) fame is as an artist, these are good things, but it doesn't leave a ton of time for writing. I do have a pretty good backlog of subjects waiting to be covered, though.

And I've been checking in on your blog fairly regularly. You are really on top of things and you explain it well. Integrity and intelligence are a powerful combo.

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