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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Join Nevada Cop Block for "Chalk Back" Against Police Abuses in Las Vegas

That's a Fact.
In the recent past Nevada Cop Block and assorted allies in the Las Vegas area have used chalking of strategically chosen public areas and government locations to bring attention to local issues. It's proven to be a quick, easy, and effective way of making grievances known and ensuring visibility both by those being protested against and the public within the area.

After several recent despicable actions by local officials, NVCopBlock is once again planning to take it to the streets to show our disapproval. We'll be meeting up at the Clark County Government Center, where County Commission meetings are held (for reasons explained below) and then moving from there to the LVMPD headquarters buildings, which are within walking distance of each other.

Signs are welcome, chalk will be used extensively at both locations, and creativity is always appreciated.

Among other things, District Attorney Steve Wolfson has continued his pattern of disdain for the safety of the residents of Las Vegas and the surrounding area by refusing to hold Jesus Arevalo accountable for the cold-blooded murder of Stanley Gibson.
Stanley L. Gibson was murdered by Ofc. Jesus Arevalo on Dec. 12, 2011.

Sheriff Gillespie of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has partnered with Wolfson and Chris Collins, of the Police Protective Association (police union), to ensure that such accountability will never be an option by pushing through a proposal that reversed all of the Coroner's Inquest Reforms that had already been passed with the intention of creating a more fair and transparent process, which would actually lead to accountability for questionable shootings by police.

Finally, the Clark County Board of Commissioners lead by Steve Sisolak, Larry Brown, Susan Brager, and Mary Beth Scow voted to approve that proposal in spite of the fact that the new proposal is worse than the former Coroner's inquest process that had functioned so poorly as to prompt an outcry for those reforms. This vote was taken during a commission meeting in which the inclusion of this proposal on the agenda was only announced a couple days earlier to ensure that public turnout would be limited.

And for good measure, Metro's own Sgt. William Wilson illegally entered someone's back yard and unnecessarily killed their pet dog last week.
Shame on the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and all of the enablers that allow them to continue their abuses.
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