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Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Article on the NV Domestic Partnership Bill on

My third article for, which was entitled "Nevada Passes Domestic Partnership Bill Moving a Step Closer to Equality for All," concerns the recent passage of the state Domestic Partnership bill, the threat of a veto, some of the obvious contradictions involved in the opposition to the bill (in relation to previous stances by opponents of equality), and what the future positive ramifications of those contradictions might be.

Some of these contradictions include the central argument being used against this bill being that it gives domestic partners the same rights as married couples (opponents of gay marriage usually argue that they aren't against equal rights), the encouragement of Governor Gibbons to veto the bill by opponents (in spite of their professed concern for the will of the people being circumvented by some singular "activist"), and the laughable idea that Nevada is concerned about the sanctity of "traditional marriage," among others.

So, go read it and tell your friends to read it and then annoy people you barely know on myspace, facebook, and twitter by insisting they read it and then email the owner of and tell him how much you enjoyed reading it. Once again, I did the writing as well as the photography for the article.
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