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Monday, July 11, 2011

Censorship Sucks, Mmkay. So Does Stealing People's Homes...

Last week, Liberty On Tour posted a video about a man named Jay Noone, who was facing the threat of having his house stolen by tax extorters working for Palmer, MA. The video primarily features Pete Eyre of Liberty on Tour and Ian Freeman, a blogger at and radio host at Free Talk Live, attempting to question local officials about the pending seizure of Noone's home.

Predictably, the local bureaucrats weren't too keen on answering those questions and mostly it's a video of them hiding from Pete and Ian. However, it wasn't enough just to avoid the questions during the taping. Apparently, one of them complained to YouTube and had the video removed. Unfortunately (for them), they obviously have never heard of the Streisand Effect or they might have known that trying to censor stuff sometimes ends up putting it all over the internets.

So here is the video:

Feel free to download it here or one of the six other times I linked to a version of it in this post and post it on your own YouTube channel, if you have one. In fact, I encourage it. Stick it to the Man!
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