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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Watch this Video and Tell Me if You See a Felony Being Committed

Watch the included video and judge for yourself if even a crime, let alone a felony, was committed.

Recently, Ademo Freeman, one of the crew members of Liberty On Tour, the founder of Cop Block, and someone I consider a personal friend, attempted to ask a judge in Keene, NH. about the reasons behind the prior arrest of Beau Davis, another Liberty On Tour member, for wearing a hat. The video of the exchange, posted below, was originally published here after it was finally recovered from police custody.

As a result of those questions, asked in a calm and even respectful manner (Ademo addresses him as "sir" at one point), Judge Ed Burke from the Keene, NH. District Court not only had him arrested, but charged with a felony known as "Improper Influence" I've linked to the definition of that charge (twice), so that you can see what it actually entails. Nothing within that definition applies to what happened that morning. He ended up spending two days in jail and was forced to post a $5,000 cash bail, and is due to start trial on those felony charges on Thursday July 7, 2011.

The fact that Ademo was arrested at all for simply asking another person a few questions is an abuse of authority by Judge Ed Burke. Beyond that, the fact that the charge being pursued is actually a felony is an outrage in its own rite. If you have any sense of decency and justice, you should oppose this blatant misuse of power by a judge that is out of control and clearly in the wrong.

This next video was made before the release of the original footage and gives an overview of the issues involved, as well as some other improper (anti-recording) measures local authorities have attempted to implement aimed at preventing members of the Free State Project in Keene, NH.from holding those officials accountable for their actions.

If you are offended by Judge Burke's abuse of his power, as you should be, please take a moment to call the prosecutors for this case and let them know how you feel about it:

Chris McLaughlin – District Court DA – 603.357.9815
John Webb – Superior Court DA – 603.352.0056

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